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5 Ways to Make Money Blogging without Ads

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How to Make Money Blogging Without Ads

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t or don’t want to run ads on your blog, don’t worry.  There are still plenty of ways you can generate revenue without them.

Today I want to go over five possible alternatives.

  1. Affiliate Ads and Sponsored Content

    • This is first on the list because some people might still consider these as advertisements.  Technically they are, but they are not the same thing as banner ads.  The banner ads like from Google Adsense are strictly ads from other sites that you display on your site.  They may be general or they may be relevant (specific) to your target audience.  Either way, Google will display content from their own advertisers.
    • Affiliate ads are a little different.  They are made when you promote content from an advertiser of your choice.  Also, they can be banner ads or product ads.  For example, the Amazon affiliate program.  You can create banner ads to promote Amazon, a specific Amazon service, or Amazon products.  You can also create ads for individual products, like product review posts.
    • Sponsored content is much the same.  You will sign up with a sponsor and promote their products/services through your blog.
  2. Membership

    • You can create a membership site, or membership option for your site.  This will allow you to set a price for users to subscribe monthly or annually to get content from you.  People usually have this as an extra feature on their site, where subscribers will get exclusive content that you won’t publish anywhere else.  So maybe that means printables, templates, graphics, recipes, or other content that you don’t post on your blog and deliver monthly to your subscribers.
  3. Your Own Book or Course

    • If you are confident in the knowledge you have about your niche, you can create an eBook or course to offer for sale to your readers.  If this is your main source of income, be sure to promote it all over your blog and social media accounts.  Don’t just make one post introducing your product, concentrate on promoting your brand to generate awareness of your product.
  4. Sell Your Own Merchandise

    • This kind of strategy works particularly well if you are an artist, designer, or have a very small niche.  You can upload your designs to print on demand sites like Zazzle or Cafepress and make a commission when people buy your product.  You don’t have to ship anything yourself, and it’s free for you to create an account.
    • It can also work for a small niche, like crocheting.  You can search Google for “funny crochet t-shirts” and get design ideas.
  5. Patreon and Donations

    • Depending on the content of your blog, you might consider trying Patreon.  It is essentially a Go Fund Me site for creators.  People can pledge a monthly amount to help you sustain your blog.  Although, it is a more popular method for authors, YouTubers, comic book writers, etc.
    • If Patreon isn’t a good fit for your site you can still consider asking for donations.  You can set up a PayPal donate button or page on your blog and let people know that it is the only way you make money from your blog.  They can donate to your blog through PayPal, with either their PayPal account or even just a credit card.

These are the most common alternative ways to generate income through your blog without running ads.  I’d be interested to know your experience if you’ve implemented one of these methods before, or if you have any other suggestions.  Please leave a comment below letting me know!

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