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Best Apps for Selling Clothes

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I’m no stranger to selling used clothes online.  I’ve had experience re-selling clothes from the thrift stores, department stores, and also selling my own used clothing.

Selling used clothes online is an awesome first online business experience because it’s so straightforward.  You simply take pictures of the clothes and list them for sale.

I found success using eBay’s website to do this, but now there are many apps (including eBay) that allow you to take pictures and list items straight from your phone.

Best Apps for Selling Clothes


If you’ve ever tried to research apps for selling clothes before, chances are you’ve come across Poshmark.  They’re kind of the pioneers in this market.


  • Listing is free, and they provide pre-paid shipping.
  • For sales under $15 their fee is $2.95.
  • For sales of $15 or more the their commission is 20%.

The biggest advantage for sellers is their community.  You can follow people and share your listings as well as other people’s listings.  There are also community events.  These features are designed to give people more exposure and a returning customer base.


Whereas name brands and fashionable items seem to do well and gather a big following on Poshmark, Depop is like it’s hipster cousin.  The average user age seems slightly younger and there is more of a market for kitsch/vintage pieces.


  • Listing is free, shipping is up to you.
  • They recommend keeping in contact with your buyer throughout the selling process.  They suggest messaging them after a sale has been made to say thanks and provide shipping details as soon as possible to encourage good feedback on your profile.
  • They take 10% commission of every sale.

I would definitely recommend Depop if you have a good eye for vintage style or another fashion niche.  Create a brand by keeping your profile/shop consistent with that niche.

Other Apps for Selling Used Clothing

Poshmark and Depop are probably the most popular apps for selling clothes right now, and I feel that they provide the most potential to make money if you list multiple items and are consistent with promoting, and being active in the community.

However, there are plenty of alternative sites/apps out there if those don’t fit your needs.  See the list of alternatives below.

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