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Blogging Goals for Beginners

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If you’ve recently started a blog, you may be wondering what comes next?  Maybe you’ve already got a few posts published, picked out a good theme, and maybe even started promoting your content, but you are unsure of the next step.

Setting goals can help give you the direction you seek.  The act of goal setting alone helps you visualize your blog’s future.  Once that image is in your head, you can’t help but work towards it!

Blogging Goals for Beginners

What are the aspects of blogging that new bloggers should focus on to grow their blogs?  How can you set goals based on these?


Traffic, or a certain number of visitors each month, is an important goal for a new blog.  This number is often used as a measure of success for bloggers. Keep track of your traffic and after a few months study it with your blogging efforts, then come up with your goal based on your observations.

For example, try coming up with a publishing schedule and promotion strategy that you can be consistent with.  Track your traffic for a few months to find any patterns that can help you be realistic with your goal setting and expectations.

Number of Posts

When you are first starting out blogging, writing and publishing posts is probably the majority of the work you have to do on your blog.  Setting a monthly goal for the number of posts you want to publish will help you be more consistent in doing this.

Many new bloggers set a goal of publishing one post a day, only to burn out later and realize that’s not realistic.  I personally prefer the method of storing up content and building your “content bank”.  Whether it’s setting a specific time in your schedule or working when you feel inspiration strike, writing posts in bulk and knowing that you have content ready to publish when you need it takes a lot of the pressure off.

Number of Followers

If you are promoting heavily on social media sites, you can make the number of followers you gain another goal.  Each month your number of followers and activity (shares, likes, etc.) should grow if you are being active on these sites.


For beginners, I don’t think a monetary goal should be the focus.  While it is important, and it should never be forgotten that your blog is a business (if you are blogging for money), focusing on making money right off the bat can be discouraging.   It can take months before you ever see your first dollar.

But once your blog starts making money, and you focus on growing it, you can see a small income start to snowball.

Once your blog is consistently bringing in revenue (even if that’s only a dollar), then you can start setting goals for how much you want to make each month.

How to Reach Your Goals

The best way to reach your goals is to do a good job of tracking them.  Break your goals down into actionable steps, and record the steps you have taken each day to achieve your goals.

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