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Blogging Without Social Media

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How to Blog without Using Social Media

There may be a few reasons why you don’t want to use social media to promote your blog.  Maybe you aren’t confident in your skills, you don’t want to put in the extra effort, or you simply don’t feel it’s right for your blog.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Today we will go over how you can build a blog without using social media, and what that means for your blog.

Will it Hurt My Blog?

Technically, no.  You blog will not be looked down upon by search engines because you don’t have social media accounts or big social following.

However, opting out of social media can mean missing out on a lot of traffic.

Even if you don’t have any social media profiles right now, you can spend time building them up for the future.  You can update as little as once or twice a week to start building a following.

Social Media Alternatives

If you are foregoing social media as a traffic source, you’ll need to drive traffic from elsewhere.  The main ways you can do that are through SEO, opt-in offers, and promotion.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is essentially the process of telling Google what your site and posts are about.  It let’s them know the topic of your site and they keywords you are targeting.  You then hope that Google ranks you favorably for those keywords and topics to get your content in front of your target audience.

Opt-in Offers

Your opt-in offer is used to grow your e-mail list.  It is a way for you to make sure that first time visitors to your site will want to join your community and come visit again.

These can be e-books, freebies, reports, challenges, etc.


Although you won’t be using social media, it is still a good idea to promote your blog.  You can do this by way of guest posting and being active in your niche.  Dedicate time each week to posting on forums, commenting on other people’s blogs, and things of that nature all while leaving links to your sites.

Can You Blog without Social Media?

For those who are in a super low competition niche, or have excellent SEO skills, the content you post might be enough to drive traffic to your blog.

But that is rarely the case.

A lot of blogs rely on the traffic they get from social media.  But if that’s not for you, you will have to build up your site’s authority through promoting it elsewhere.

My advice would be to spend time looking at other sites in your niche to see how they are driving traffic to their sites.

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