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Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

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For the past month I’ve been researching on how to become a freelance writer.  More specifically, being paid to write aritcles/blog posts.  It’s something that I’d like to learn more about because of it’s potential.  Aside from creating your own website, or selling something online, I think it’s one of the few legitimate ways to create income online.

While I’m no where near experienced with it yet, I do feel comfortable sharing some things that I’ve learned so far.

What You Need to Become a Freelance Writer

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have an English degree or some area of expertise deter you from trying out this work.  While those things are certainly beneficial, and some jobs do require them, all you really need to be able to do is write with good grammar and clear communication.

The one thing I would suggest having is a portfolio.  Of course someone whose never done any writing jobs before will not have a portfolio full of work they’ve done for magazine, websites, etc. yet.  But you can start a portfolio based off of your own blog or volunteer work.

Starting your own blog is an easy way to display your writing samples on a variety of topics, or for your target niche.  Also, there are plenty of organizations in need of volunteer writers.  You can start by visiting and searching for “writer” opportunities near your city.

Should You Bother with Content Mills?

Content mills are sites where you can sign up to be an author, but you’ll be joining many other “authors” all competing for underpaid work.

Some examples:

There are also freelance work sites that do not only offer writing work, but provide a similar experience.

Some examples: 

Most people tell you to avoid these sites at all costs.  I personally have tried a few and have found them to be waste of time as well.

However, if you have absolutely no experience writing online, I would recommend these as a starting point.  Find jobs on topics that you know you can complete easily, it certainly isn’t worth putting hours of effort into one article for these types of sites.  Then, you can gain experience and get feedback on your writing.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this for too long, just until you’re more comfortable with the process of writing online content.

How to Find Freelance Writing Work

One the most promising ways to find freelance writing jobs seems to be job boards.  These sites are where site owners and other publishers post the work they need done and accept applicants for those jobs.

Some examples:

(On craigslist, find your city or the one nearest you, then look for “writing/editing” under “jobs”.)

You can search through the listings on these sites to see if there is any work available right now that you’d be comfortable doing.

As I said, I’m still trying to break into this field myself, but I hope what I shared today is helpful to those trying to do the same.

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