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How I Gave My Blog a Makeover in 2 Days

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Creating a Brand Identity for Your Blog

It was not a hard decision to make, my blog needed a makeover.  My blog style lacked consistency and I had created ugly images for my blog and Pinterest.  It left me feeling unmotivated and embarrassed to promote my blog.

While these shallow aspects are enough on their own to turn away readers, my posts seemed to match the unorganized, thoughtless design of my blog.

Still fairly new in my blogging journey, I knew it wouldn’t be that tough to overhaul my blog.  In fact, it only took me two days.

But it was well worth it, I am completely in love with my new brand identity, and have been inspired to start blogging again!

The Changes I Made to My Blog that Helped Me Create a New Brand Identity

  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Theme
  • Color Scheme*
  • Stock Photos
  • Blog Image and Social Media Image Templates
  • Blog Content



As you can see, my old logo was cluttered and not easy to read.  I had too many different colors and fonts in my design.  The new design is lighter and much easier to read.

Because I am familiar with Photoshop, I was able to design the logo myself (both the old and the new one).




The new theme has a more minimalist look.  I think it looks cleaner and more professional.

Old Theme:

Minus by Thrive Themes

New Theme:

Natalie by DannyWP on Creative Market



As you can see in my logo transformation picture, I simply changed my fonts to update my logo.  This simple change made it look much more sleek and professional.

Old Fonts:

Hanken (Free Font)

Sofia (Free Font)

Glamour Brush (Expired DesignCuts Bundle Deal)

New Fonts:

Hanken (Free Font)

Kind Heart

Color Scheme*

I decided that I liked my color scheme and there was no need to change it.  The only change I made was to not use black in my logo.  I am still mentioning it because it is an essential step in establishing a brand identity/style.

You can find plenty of color scheme inspiration on Pinterest.  You can also easily create your own by playing with the adobe color wheel here:

Stock Photos

I had previously been relying mostly on free stock photos for my images.  While I think these are a phenomenal resource for new bloggers, I do find that styled stock images make it easier to create a cohesive theme on your blog.

Free Stock 

Styled Stock

Creative Market

Ivory Mix

Blog Image and Social Media Image Templates

It seemed that I was starting from square one every time I needed a new image for a blog post or pin.  By taking a few hours to create different templates for my featured images and pins, my blog looks more professional.  I also saved my self time in the future by having a more efficient way to create new images.

In the picture that shows my homepage transformation, you can also see how creating new templates for the featured images on my blog made a huge difference in creating a cohesive blog style.


Once again, I created these myself in Photoshop, but the same can easily be done using free design software like Canva.

With my styled stock and new fonts, I also updated my ugly pins (to the best of my unartistic capabilities).

Although I am incredibly embarrassed to show you these, have a look at some old pins below.

Old Pins:



New Pins:



Blog Content

This step consisted of me deleting blog posts and re-organizing my blog categories.  I took time to really think about my audience and what would be most helpful to them and what content they were most likely looking to see.

Afterwards, I deleted posts that didn’t make the cut.  I deleted posts that didn’t have enough thought put into them,  that seemed to lack purpose, or that I didn’t think my audience could relate to.

I was also able to rethink my categories with my audience in mind.

Once my understanding of my audience and content plan was re-focused, I was able to come up many new blog post ideas.

How to Achieve Brand Consistency as Easy as Possible, and Why it’s Important.

You can follow the same steps I did to easily establish the foundation of your brand identity.

Admittedly, this process was easy for me to complete because I had maybe 10 blog posts up, and had promoted less than half on Pinterest.

Even if you think it would take you longer, it is still a necessary to grow your business.

Brand consistency can make subscribers out of the readers that visit your blog.  It can increase engagement, and make your blogging process more efficient.

Having a recognizable brand and consistent style is also important when promoting your business across the internet.  You can create expectations from repeat visitors and gain their trust.

Make sure your blog URL is on all of the images that you promote on social media.

Establish Your Brand Identity Today

My new brand identity gave me clarity and has motivated me to work even harder.  If you feel like your blog is also ugly and unorganized or that you are ignoring your audience, you’ve seen how just a few changes can make an enormous difference.

I was very excited to tackle the changes that needed to be made.  If you are too, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting started.

However, if you have any doubts about moving forward, you can always set your own pace.  Try making just one change every day or even every week if you need to.

Good luck!

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